Here’s why you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places…

Longing for the sweet feeling of being loved and accepted, you probably:

  • Have had multiple sex encounters that left you feeling empty, yet again
  • Cycle from one boyfriend to another; new guy, same issues
  • Repeatedly compromise on what you really want in a man; after all, what if you’ll never meet the one who gives you what you truly need?

Sometimes you may even think that there must be something fundamentally wrong with you… 

You hide things that are important to you in a fear of being misunderstood or rejected

It’s like you can never allow yourself to show your true self to a man, especially the one you like the most

You often resort to self-medicating or escapism

You spend endless hours on social media, binge-watching TV, playing games, or working. Maybe even drink a little more than you probably should

You allow this all to get to you

Anxiety becomes a companion. The feeling of insecurity spills over into other areas of your life: relationships with family, friends, and even career

The truth is that, as a gay man, you have been practicing being accepted by others for the majority of your life, instead of practicing being yourself, and have been mainly relying on external validation for your feeling of self-worth

Relief comes when you can finally learn to love yourself unconditionally and practice authentic living. It’s not intuitive, but it is an absolute must

Self-Love Sprint for Gay Men

Online transformation program by LOVINTEL taking you on a journey towards self-discovery, self-acceptance and authentic living, designed specifically for gay men

During this program you can:

Let go of the shame holding you back

Get rid of self-doubt, negative self-talk and feeling of not being enough


Connect with who you are

Reimagine your authentic self and acquire healthy coping skills for any curve ball life throws at you


Become the man you look up to

Create the vision, standards and your new identity that will propel you in your intimate relationship, friendships and career

Self-Love Sprint for Gay Men is currently available by invite only

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